0004 «Fita De Pedra #1» by Oriol S. Enguany

Psychogeographical deriveé from Can Coriol (Tarragona) to Coagularium (Barcelona) by walk.

The route started on the 19th September 2019, and ended on the 26th with the opening of the exhibition at the Coagularium, containing all the objects compiled by the artist along the route. Since then, the exhibition is open for visits from 26.09.2019 to 22.11.2019, Monday to Friday from 17 to 20 h.

Its process was followed by the internet audience in real time through the hashtag #fitadepedra1 on IG --> [link]

Update 27.09.2019: The pieces for this exhibition will be available to buy on this website starting next Monday 30th Sep. --> [link]