Every 3 months, a new exhibition is showcased at the Coagularium. For each exhibition, a catalogue is published in a handnumbered and authenticity-certified limited edition.

---> 0001 «Meta-Revelacions Menstruals» by Alejandra Núñez & Marc O'Callaghan

---> 0002 «Terror Prints» by Arnau Ledesma

---> 0003 «Cambra de Comerç Celestial» by Marc O'Callaghan

---> 0004 «Fita De Pedra #1» by Oriol. S. Enguany

The Coagularium is a self-sustaining platform whose projects are solely financed from the sales of its own products. In that sense, buying a catalogue or an artwork is also a "supporting act" that contributes on the funding for the upcoming projects.

The profits from the selling of the catalogues are destined on the setting expenses for the next exhibition and on the production of its catalogue.

The profits from the selling of the artworks are divided on the 77% to the author and 23% to the Coagularium's funds. The capitals gathered from this 23% are destined on the Coagularium's physical maintenance expenses.